If you came to Lithuania and you want to actively and purposefully spend time by getting know the amazing nature of the country, we invite you to travel by canoe in the river Sirvinta, that has the most beautiful landscape. Sailing down the river you will immerse yourself in the amazing natural haven and escape from the civilazation that surrounds you every day. Canoeing trip is a great opportunity to socialize, spend free time together with friends and family and to get to know the beautiful nature of Lithuania in short time. Canoeing trip is a good decision for various occasions.


We are located in an Sirvintu area, close to the capital Vilnius (55 km). It is particularly easy to reach us from Vilnius, Kaunas, Ukmerge, Jonava and Sirvintos. We will always welcome you and take you to the desired location of yours canoeing trip, we will meet you at the end of your jorney and take you to the camp. Throughout the time you will be canoeing, your cars and other items will be stored in our cottage, where there are a person who guards everything. We guarantee you a good welcome, pleasant service and safety of your stuff. On request, we are also able to take you from your home, bring to the river side and after canoeing take you back home. For the overnight camping we offer our camps, rural tourism house and a country style sauna.


We can offer double polyethylene canoes. Canoes are adapted to swim in swift, rocky streams, lakes or the sea, totally not afraid of strong shock or friction in a sharp base. So you feel especially confortable and do not have to worry about your safety. These canoes are especially popular and most recognised by tourists. They are fast, maneuverable, stable in water, easymanaged. Canoes are spacious, so you can easily take all necessary travel items with you. Would you like to travel with your child? No problem – there is enouth space in double canoe for everybody.


Before and during the journey we will inform you about all issues, we will answer all questions, give you maps and all information about sightseeing and camping. Furthermore, we will help you at any point of your trip.


Double canoe – ~ 20 Eur;
Parking and storage of your items –  free;
Other service (sauna, transportation, items) – by agreement.


Tel. +37068416938;

Email:  info@baidariauk.lt

We look forward to seeing you !